[ EN ] In 2010 Steven Banken graduates Cum Laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Shortly after he starts his studio where design and craftsmanship meet located on the factory side of designer Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven.

The projects are based on a research in origin and material. This approach results in a clear design with an eye for innovation, construction and finish. The products and furniture are produced in his own studio.

Steven Banken is fascinated by the material wood, craftmanship and its history. His great appreciation for industrial and artisanal techniques is visible in construction and detail.

Besides wood Steven also works with other natural materials such as reed, which is visible in his project 'Sheaves’. A seasonal outdoor furniture piece which brings the ancient craft of cutting reed back into his natural environment.

[ NL ] In 2010 studeert Steven Banken Cum Laude af aan Design Academy Eindhoven. Daarna begint hij zijn studio waar ontwerp en ambacht elkaar ontmoeten gevestigd op het fabrieksterrein van ontwerper Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven.

Onderzoek naar oorsprong en materiaal is het beginsel van zijn projecten. Deze aanpak resulteert in een heldere vormgeving met oog voor innovatie, constructie en afwerking. De producten en meubels worden in eigen studio geproduceerd.

Steven Banken is gefascineerd door het materiaal hout, het ambacht en de geschiedenis ervan. Zijn uitgesproken waardering voor industriële en ambachtelijke technieken is zichtbaar in constructie en detail.

Naast hout werkt Steven ook met andere natuurlijke materialen zoals riet, wat zichtbaar is in zijn project ‘Sheaves’. Een seizoensgebonden rieten bank waarmee het oude ambacht riet snijden terugkomt in zijn omgeving.

Some articles written about Steven Banken

[ Monoqi September 2013 ] Those who dare, win. This little bit of timeless wisdom is vividly presented in designer Steven Banken's contemporary executions. A graduate of the prestigious Eindoven Design Academy, Banken's works have already been exhibited in Milan, Basel, Moscow, and Atlanta. His Interstice Series is a courageous display of clean formality that allows small traces of the production process to shine through as integrated design elements. Rather than concealing cutting lines, they are extended, deepened, and accentuated in blue. Too much perfection is boring. Dare to surround yourself with something different.

[ Monoqi September 2013 ] What happens inside the carpenter's studio is a little beyond the imagination of most design aficionados, no matter how much you've learned to treasure wood in all its shapes and colours. Dutch designer Steven Banken's Interstice Series is ready to give you a crash course. Cleverly integrating cutting marks from the production process into the design of the his final forms, Banken accentuates these lines as elongated, deepened, and blue-painted notches that emphasise the construction of his oak pieces. Exemplified by the classic shape of the Interstice Chair and finished off with black MDF surfaces, get ready to become a carpentry expert—no splinters necessary.

[ Monoqi August 2013 ] Designer Steven Banken is fascinated by elemental materials, but his creations, which have been exhibited the world over and spotted on designboom, Elle Décor and many blogs, show a more than elemental understanding of design and materiality. Banken's handmade copper and walnut pendant lamps are a feat of pure craftsmanship, highlighting the essentials in a perfect marriage of contrasting materials. Difference can be functional, and these lamps are harmonious materiality wrapped in successful design.

Steven Banken

Graduated Cum Laude Dec. 2010
Design Academy Eindhoven (NL)
Department: man and Leisure


Graduation projects




Kaptein Roodnat



project Sheaves
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Exhibitions / Publications

Chairs 2013
Borneo Architectuur Centrum, Amsterdam (NL)

Front Salon 2013
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (NL)

Exhibition DDW 2013
studio, Eindhoven (NL)

Toonkamer 2013
Pastoe fabriek, Utrecht (NL)

D-Day designday 2013
Maastricht (NL)

Our House 2013
Cascina Cuccagna, Milan (I)

New Work 2012
DOOR22, Eindhoven (NL)

Design is Human week 2012
Modern Atlanta, Atlanta (USA)

Graduation Show 2011
Design Academy, Eindhoven (NL)

Opening Exhibition Door22
DOOR22, Eindhoven (NL)

Organic Dwelling
Museum of Architecture, Moscow (RU)

This Way 2011
Salone del mobile - Milaan (I)

Landinwaarts 2010
Stadhuis - Eindhoven (NL)

Landinwaarts 2010
CBK - Dordrecht (NL)

Le code de la rue 2010
Bordeaux (F)

Leisure - Repair Festival 2009
Bazaar - Eindhoven (NL)

Dutchness 2009
Salone del mobile - Milaan (I)

Radostar 2008
Rado watches - Basel (CH)

Leisure - Entertainment 2007
Plan 2 - Eindhoven (NL)

Morgensterren 2007
Agora Theater - Druten (NL)